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Brickhrust Trust
is a non-profit organisation; striving to manage, protect, promote, and enhance Brickhurst Farm, Hastings Road, Pembury, nr Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 4BL, and surrounding areas in the Kent High Weald, for wildlife, landscape, heritage, education, permaculture, sustainable living, & as a community open space.

The Trust adapted from earlier permaculture projects at Brickhurst Farm - commenced by Peter Mann, and which spawned the Permaculture Association (GB).

The Trust was established and the Farm purchased as a result of a court order obtained in 2000.

The Trust retains 'the Farm'
for posperity and cannot sell it.

Apart from being an important refuge for some wildlife species, in an otherwise highly agriltural area, the greenspace is there for everyone locally, or further afield to appreciate and enjoy escaping to. It is an oasis away from a polluted, noisy, and artificial city; but also a natural, living, dynamic, openspace for kids (both rural and urban, and grown-up kids!) to play and grow-up in.

With help from volunteers both far and wide, the Trust and its predocessors transformed parts of the farm back into meadowland, and planted trees and shrubs, and has cultivated small plots using sustainable small-scale farming methods (permaculture) but the Trust also wants to encourage natural regeneration, which you can see taking place. There is also much woodland management, much of the wooded area is managed as a copse, as it has been for centuries.

Get involved!

Everyone is welcome to be involved in the Trust's work, and to contribute to our projects.

are welcome - please enquire, we can also help you with learning new skills and working in a beautiful environment!

To make a suggestion,
or to join our email list,
or become a member of the Trust (�3/year) email us, or phone us (contact details above).

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Latest News

Winter Warmers

21 Dec
Celebrate Solstice at Brickhurst. The Winter Solistice marks the depth of winter and new hope for the new year.. we look forward to members joining us for a special day of celebration. Details soon in December newsletter.


Farm entrance:

Brickhurst Farm is situated along Hastings Road, a minor/concealed left turn off the A21 northbound, the first left-turn past Kippings Cross Roundabout, about 600yds. The turn has signs in advance for 'farm road'.

It's open to the public by appointment, there is a footpath through part of the farm, and the neighbouring Marlborough Woods which is open to the public at all times.

Getting there:


Embark at Kippings Cross/Bo-Peep Corner (Pembury)

From Paddock Wood or Tonbridge - xxx From Tunbridge Wells - xxx;


High Brooms
(no bus, 1hr brisk walk; 35 mins cycle incl steep hill, but on cycle path);

Paddock Wood
(steep hill towards Kippings Cross);

Tunbridge Wells
(Gentle hill; 1hr15 walk; 1hr cycle, cyclepath, half hr>hourly buses).

For a MAP click here!

For sketched directions click here!


The Trust has collaborate with / been supported by / or advertised by the following organisations - click to view their websites:

Kent High Weald Project

Pembury Parish Council

Leaside Wood Recycling Project

Wealden Home Educators Network